Renovation Projects

It is the dream of many to buy an old stone home for renovation. Some want to take part in doing some of the work themselves while others just want to be involved in creating a beautiful and traditional-style home. Properties such as these are becoming increasingly rare but there is still the opportunity to build this type of house.

Most who now have such a property will have endless tales of their trials and tribulations and as one such owner said, “When I told my friends we were buying an old home for renovation they didn’t realize until they saw the pictures that it was four stone walls with no roof and grass growing in the centre!” However, most proud renovation owners will also tell you that the construction of their home was a labour of love, requiring time and patience but the results were well worth the effort.

Artec Homes always work with customers on a one to one basis, first assisting you in finding the perfect location and/or plot and then incorporating your vision and personal requirements into the design of your home. Regardless of whether you choose a new build or a renovation, the process is similar in many aspects and we can assist you in making the task of renovation smoother. From property searches for that perfect old property through to providing experienced architects, craftsmen and stonemasons, Artec Homes will help make your dream renovation a reality.


Renovation Examples


House renovation process

1. Design and Planning

Whether it's a sketch on a cocktail napkin or full-blown architectural plans, some type of planning and design always comes first. Application for permits is necessary to be done by experts on renovation project to save on taxes.

2. Roof, Foundation, Siding, Windows

Protection of renovation work by making certain the house won't collapse on you (foundation, major structural problems) and that it will remain dry (roof, siding, windows).

3. Demolition

Depending on the scale of renovations and the condition of the house, demolition might be the first step. Some of the areas of the house always have to be demolished with care to be able to renovate. As much as possible has to be demolished if you will not be living in the house.

4. Structural Carpentry

At this time, call in the carpenters for major carpentry projects. Things like:

  • Moving walls.
  • Constructing new walls.
  • Significantly enlarging window openings.
  • Adding beams to support a greater weight upstairs.
  • Punching in new doors (or removing existing doors).

5. Ductwork, Electrical, and Plumbing

With the walls and ceiling open, it's time for the Artec Homes team to install ductwork for central heating and air conditioning. Also with the walls accessible, run new electrical and plumbing systems according to the architects plan.

6. Insulation

The old stone houses have wall thickness of 50cm or more which means that installing the appropriate type of windows the house will be properly armoured and there will be no heat or cold losses.

8. Flooring

Installing the flooring later in the renovation process saves your flooring surface from significant damage.

9. Windows

In most cases windows have to be removed and reinstalled

With double glazed units.

10. Fine Carpentry

This is the stage where baseboards, moulding, trim around windows and doors, staircases, built-in elements (bookcases, breakfast nooks, etc.) should be installed.

11. Interior Painting, and Other Surface Finishes

Painting interior walls, painting moulding and trim, staining and sealing trim: all of these detail-oriented surface finishes should be the last items you do indoors.

12. Siding, Gutters

With the house mostly finished, it's safe to put on siding. It doesn’t have to be done earlier (unless absolutely necessary) because doors and windows may get punched out, ruining the siding.